Shingle Roof Replacement

If you wait until you get a leak to replace old shingles, you waited too long.  We have the most experienced installers that will do the job right to insure that you don't have any future leaks.  Our 50 Year Warranty on the materials AND our labor is unsurpassed in the industry.

These are the steps of a typical shingle roof replacement job.


* Strip the old shingles and underlayment down to the roof deck.

* Replace any rotten wood as necessary.

* Install an ice & water barrier along the first 6 feet of the roof and in valleys.

* Install a synthetic underlayment to all other roof deck areas.

* Seal around all pipes, vents, skylights, and other objects sticking thru the roof.

* Re-flash around the chimney.

* Install a drip edge along all perimeter edges of the roof.

* Install a ridge vent along the roof peak to help remove heat and humidity.

* Install new architectural roofing shingles of your choice.